Dozer Aftermarket Parts: High-Quality Replacement Bulldozer Parts

To ensure optimal performance and an extended lifespan for your dozer, regular maintenance and repairs are crucial. EquipXR’s premium aftermarket parts are designed to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications while offering a cost-effective alternative.

Your Trusted Source for Dozer Parts

As a leading supplier of aftermarket dozer parts, EquipXR offers an extensive selection of top-notch replacement components for nearly all dozer models and manufacturers. With our vast inventory and expert customer service team, you can rely on EquipXR to provide the perfect parts for your dozer. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitors, making us the preferred choice for aftermarket dozer parts.

EquipXR’s Large Inventory of Aftermarket Bulldozer Parts

Our wide array of aftermarket dozer parts encompasses all major components and assemblies, ensuring you can find the right part for your specific make and model.

From undercarriages and tracks to engine and hydraulic parts, our extensive inventory guarantees a quick and efficient solution to get your dozer up and running. We continually update our inventory to include the latest parts from leading manufacturers, ensuring our customers can access the best aftermarket dozer parts.

Plus, we offer fast and free shipping to orders nationwide from our 12+ warehouse locations spread throughout the US.

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    Dozer Replacement Parts By Category

    To better understand the types of aftermarket dozer parts available, we’ve divided them into categories, including:

    • Undercarriage Parts
    • Track Parts
    • Other Dozer Parts

    Undercarriage Parts

    The undercarriage is an essential component of your dozer, providing support and mobility. EquipXR offers a wide range of aftermarket undercarriage parts, including:

    Idlers & Sprockets

    These elements guide and support the track, ensuring smooth and efficient movement. Our aftermarket idlers and sprockets are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for durability and performance. With various materials and designs available, you can select the idlers and sprockets that best suit your dozer’s requirements and operating conditions.


    Rollers are responsible for supporting the weight of your dozer and providing a smooth ride. Our high-quality aftermarket rollers are manufactured with heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting operation and reduced wear. We offer a wide range of roller types, including single flange, double flange, and center flange rollers, to accommodate different models and applications.

    Final Drives

    The final drive is a critical component of your dozer’s powertrain, providing torque and speed to the tracks. EquipXR offers aftermarket final drives that are designed to match the reliability of OEM parts at a fraction of the cost. Our selection includes final drives for various makes and models, ensuring that you can find the right replacement part for your machine.

    All Undercarriage Parts

    EquipXR carries a comprehensive selection of aftermarket undercarriage parts, ensuring that you can find everything you need to keep your equipment in peak condition. Our inventory also includes undercarriage maintenance tools and kits to help you properly maintain and extend the life of your dozer’s undercarriage components.


    Tracks provide traction and stability for your dozer, allowing it to traverse various terrains. EquipXR offers a wide variety of aftermarket track components, including:

    Rubber & Steel Tracks

    Whether you need rubber or steel tracks, EquipXR has you covered. Our aftermarket tracks are designed to ensure your dozer can tackle any job, even in the toughest environments. We provide tracks in various widths, lengths, and patterns to accommodate different makes, models, and applications, allowing customization to suit your needs.

    Track Assemblies

    A complete track assembly includes the track, idlers, sprockets, rollers, and other components. EquipXR offers aftermarket track assemblies are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, providing a reliable and cost-effective alternative for bulldozer maintenance and repairs.

    Track Chains, Shoes & Links

    These components make up the core of your dozer’s track system, providing traction and stability. EquipXR’s aftermarket track chains, shoes, and links are made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced wear. Our extensive selection allows you to find the right track components for your dozer.

    All Track Parts

    EquipXR carries a wide range of aftermarket track parts, allowing you to find everything you need to keep your dozer’s tracks in top condition. From track tensioners and adjusters to track hardware and seals, our inventory ensures that you have access to all the necessary components for your dozer’s track system.

    Other Dozer Parts

    In addition to undercarriages and tracks, EquipXR offers a variety of other aftermarket dozer parts to ensure your dozer operates at peak efficiency:

    Engine Parts

    The engine is the heart of your dozer, providing the power needed to complete various tasks. EquipXR offers aftermarket engine parts, including filters, gaskets, fuel injectors, and more, to keep your dozer’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. Our inventory also includes engine rebuild kits and components, allowing you to restore your dozer’s engine to like-new condition.

    Hydraulic Parts

    Hydraulics play a crucial role in your dozer’s operation, allowing for smooth and precise movement. Our selection of aftermarket hydraulic parts includes pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, and more, ensuring that your dozer’s hydraulic system remains in top condition. We also offer hydraulic system maintenance kits and tools to help you properly maintain your dozer’s hydraulic components.

    Ground Engaging Parts

    Ground-engaging tools, such as cutting edges, blades, and scarifier blades, are essential for your dozer’s ability to dig, move material, and perform other pushing tasks. EquipXR offers high-quality ground-engaging parts that are designed to provide excellent durability with extended wear life.

    Dozer Attachments

    EquipXR also offers a variety of aftermarket dozer attachments, such as rippers, winches, and grapples, to help you tackle a wide range of tasks and applications. Our selection of bulldozer attachments is designed to enhance the versatility and productivity of your equipment, allowing you to take on new projects with confidence.

    Aftermarket Parts For Dozers From All Major OEMs

    EquipXR is proud to offer aftermarket dozer parts compatible with all major OEMs, ensuring that you can find the right parts for your specific dozer model. With our extensive inventory, knowledgeable customer service team, and compatibility with all major OEMs, you can trust EquipXR to provide the right parts for your bulldozer.

    Whether you need undercarriage components, tracks, engine parts, or hydraulic parts, EquipXR has you covered. By choosing EquipXR for your bulldozer’s aftermarket parts, you can be confident that you are investing in the quality, performance, and durability your dozer requires to operate at its best. Some of the most popular OEMs we carry aftermarket parts for include:

    Caterpillar Dozer (CAT)

    View All Caterpillar (CAT) Parts

    Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, including dozers. EquipXR offers a wide range of aftermarket Caterpillar dozer parts, from undercarriage components and track assemblies to engine and hydraulic parts.

    These aftermarket parts are designed to meet or exceed Caterpillar’s OEM specifications. Our inventory also includes parts for Caterpillar’s various bulldozer series, such as the D-Series, E-Series, and H-Series, allowing you to find the right components for your specific model.

    View All Caterpillar (CAT) Parts

    John Deere Dozer

    View All John Deere Parts

    John Deere is another prominent manufacturer of bulldozers and other heavy equipment. EquipXR’s aftermarket John Deere dozer parts are designed to provide the same performance and reliability as OEM parts, ensuring that your John Deere dozer can tackle any job with ease. Our inventory includes parts for various John Deere dozer series, such as the 450, 550, and 650 models, among others.

    View All John Deere Parts

    Komatsu Dozer

    View All Komatsu Parts

    Komatsu Construction Equipment is known for its versatile and durable dozers. EquipXR offers a comprehensive selection of aftermarket Komatsu dozer parts, including undercarriage components, tracks, and engine parts. These high-quality replacement parts are designed to keep your bulldozer running smoothly and efficiently. Our selection includes parts for various Komatsu dozer models.

    View All Komatsu Parts

    Other Bulldozer Equipment Manufacturers

    In addition to the major OEMs mentioned above, EquipXR also carries aftermarket parts for bulldozers from other manufacturers, such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, and more. Our extensive inventory ensures you can find the right aftermarket parts for your specific dozer make and model, regardless of the manufacturer.

    We are continuously expanding our offerings to include parts for even more brands, ensuring that our customers have access to the most comprehensive selection of aftermarket bulldozer parts available.

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