Aftermarket Track Loader Parts: High-Quality Replacement Parts for Track Loaders

Ensuring the longevity and performance of your track loader requires proper maintenance and timely repairs. Sourcing high-quality aftermarket parts can be difficult, but this guide will introduce you to EquipXR, a trusted provider of replacement parts for track loaders, and help you understand the wide selection of aftermarket track loader parts that EquipXR offers.

Your Trusted Source For Track Loader Parts

EquipXR is your go-to source for top-quality track loader parts. They boast an impressive inventory of aftermarket parts from all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), offering the perfect solution for maintaining and repairing your equipment. EquipXR takes pride in delivering outstanding customer service and technical support, ensuring you receive the right parts for your specific track loader model.

We understand the impact equipment downtime can have on your bottom line. When you order parts from EquipXR, you can expect fast shipping with parts ready to ship from 12+ warehouses located throughout the United States.

EquipXR’s Large Inventory of Equipment Parts

EquipXR caters to a diverse range of track loader models from leading OEMs, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your machine. We offer cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality. EquipXR’s team of experts can help you pinpoint the exact parts required for your track loader, streamlining the process of finding the right solution.

EquipXR’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you can trust their aftermarket parts to keep your track loaders and skid steers in top condition. Investing in high-quality replacement parts can prolong your equipment’s life, maximize its performance, and minimize downtime for repairs, ultimately saving you time and money.

Plus, we offer fast and free shipping to orders nationwide from our 12+ warehouse locations spread throughout the US.

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    Track Loader Replacement Parts By Category

    EquipXR is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your track loader, ensuring that it remains a reliable and valuable asset for your construction, landscaping, or agricultural projects for years to come. Our aftermarket parts are organized into various categories, simplifying the process of finding the right part for your track loader. The main categories of track loader replacement parts include:

    • Undercarriage Parts
    • Track Parts
    • Other Loader Parts

    Undercarriage Parts

    The undercarriage is vital for your track loader’s smooth operation. If any undercarriage components become worn or damaged, they can cause the track loader to operate less efficiently and may even lead to more serious problems over time. It’s essential to regularly inspect and maintain the equipment undercarriage to ensure everything is in good working condition. If replacement parts are needed, they should be sourced from a reputable dealer, such as EquipXR, to ensure they are high-quality and compatible with the specific make and model of your track loader. If you need undercarriage parts for your track loader, EquipXR offers an extensive selection of aftermarket undercarriage parts, such as:

    Idlers & Sprockets

    EquipXR supplies durable idlers and sprockets that maintain proper tension and alignment for your track loader’s tracks. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these parts provide excellent durability. Regular inspection and timely replacement of idlers and sprockets can help save you money on your equipment operation.


    Both top and bottom rollers for track loaders are available through EquipXR. These high-quality rollers are engineered for smooth operation and long-lasting performance under the most demanding conditions. Proper maintenance of rollers can significantly improve their performance and lifespan.

    Final Drives

    Final drives transfer power from the engine to the tracks. EquipXR offers dependable aftermarket final drives that ensure optimal performance. Maintaining proper lubrication levels and inspecting final drives for wear can prolong their lifespan and preserve your track loader’s efficiency.

    All Undercarriage Parts

    EquipXR’s inventory encompasses a broad range of other undercarriage attachments and parts, such as pins, bushings, and seals, which are crucial for maintaining your track loader’s peak efficiency. Keeping all components in good condition and promptly replacing worn parts can help avoid more extensive and costly repairs later.

    Complete Track Assemblies, Steel or Rubber Tracks, & More

    Tracks are obviously integral to your track loader (otherwise you’d be working with a wheel loader), and EquipXR offers a variety of track options to suit your needs.

    Note: Many operators choose to outfit their track loader with rubber tracks when working in commercial and residential areas, while steel tracks are often the preferred track type when working in harsher working conditions. Switching between rubber tracks and steel tracks is relatively easy with compact loaders.

    Track Assemblies

    EquipXR supplies complete track assemblies, including track chains, shoes, and links, ensuring a perfect fit for your track loader. Investing in a full track assembly can save you time and effort in sourcing individual components and yield more consistent, reliable performance.

    Rubber & Steel Tracks

    EquipXR provides both rubber and steel tracks designed for maximum traction and durability. Choose from a range of tread patterns and widths to suit your specific application. Rubber tracks are ideal for applications requiring minimal ground disturbance, while steel tracks excel in harsh conditions.

    Track Chains, Shoes & Links

    EquipXR offers individual track chains, shoes, and links, allowing you to replace only the worn components and extend the life of your tracks. Regular inspection of track chains, shoes, and links for wear and tear can help prevent costly repairs and downtime.

    All Track Parts

    Whether you’re looking for parts for a compact track loader, skid steer, or large model loader, we’ve got the track parts to keep your equipment moving. EquipXR’s comprehensive inventory includes other track parts, such as track bolts, nuts, and washers, essential for properly installing and maintaining your track loader’s tracks.

    Other Loader Parts

    EquipXR offers a wide range of other track loader parts, including:

    Engine & Motor Parts

    EquipXR provides various aftermarket engine parts, such as pistons, cylinder heads, and gaskets, to ensure optimal engine performance. Regular maintenance of your track loader’s motor, including oil changes and filter replacements, can keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

    Hydraulic Parts

    EquipXR offers hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders to keep your track loader’s hydraulic system running smoothly. Regularly inspecting and maintaining the hydraulic system, including checking for leaks and maintaining proper fluid levels, can help prevent expensive repairs and downtime for your heavy equipment.

    Ground Engaging Parts

    EquipXR supplies a range of ground-engaging tools, such as cutting edges, teeth, and shanks, designed for efficient digging and material handling. Periodically inspecting and replacing worn ground-engaging parts can ensure your track loader remains productive and efficient.

    Dozer Attachments

    EquipXR offers various attachments, including buckets, forks, and grapples, to increase your track loader’s versatility and productivity. Investing in high-quality attachments allows you to customize your track loader to suit the specific needs of your projects and tasks.

    Aftermarket Parts For All Major Manufacturers

    EquipXR is dedicated to providing high-quality aftermarket parts for track loaders from all major OEMs, ensuring compatibility and performance. EquipXR is your one-stop-shop for high-quality aftermarket parts for track loaders from all major OEMs. With an extensive inventory of undercarriage components, tracks, engine parts, hydraulic parts, and attachments, EquipXR offers the best solutions for maintaining and repairing your track loader.

    This extensive selection of replacement parts allows you to confidently maintain and repair your track loader, regardless of its make and model. Major OEMs for which EquipXR offers aftermarket parts include:

    Caterpillar Track Loader (CAT)

    View All Caterpillar (CAT) Parts

    Caterpillar is a leading name in the construction equipment industry, known for its durable and reliable track loaders. EquipXR provides a wide range of aftermarket parts for Caterpillar track loaders, including undercarriage components, rubber tracks, engine parts, hydraulic parts, and more. These replacement parts are designed to meet or exceed the quality and performance of original Caterpillar parts, ensuring seamless integration and long-lasting functionality.

    View All Caterpillar (CAT) Parts

    John Deere Track Loader

    View All John Deere Parts

    John Deere is another renowned name in the construction equipment sector, with track loaders that offer exceptional performance and versatility. EquipXR offers aftermarket parts for John Deere track loaders, such as undercarriages, tracks, engine components, hydraulic parts, and more. These high-quality replacement parts are designed to ensure your John Deere track loader continues to operate at peak efficiency.

    View All John Deere Parts

    Bobcat Compact Track Loader

    View All Bobcat Parts

    A Bobcat track loader is a type of compact construction equipment manufactured by Bobcat Company, a subsidiary of Doosan Bobcat. Bobcat track loaders come in various models and sizes to suit different types of jobs and applications. They typically have a low profile and a compact design, which makes them well-suited for working in tight spaces or on job sites with limited access.

    Bobcat track loaders are a popular choice for contractors, landscapers, farmers, and other professionals who need a reliable and versatile machine to get the job done. But, when your Bobcat equipment breaks down, it is vital to have a parts dealer to get quality aftermarket replacement parts shipped to you quickly.

    EquipXR provides a comprehensive range of aftermarket parts for Bobcat equipment, including everything you need for your equipment’s undercarriage, tracks, engine parts, hydraulic components, attachments, and more. These replacement parts are designed to match the quality and performance of Bobcat OEM parts, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting functionality.

    View All Bobcat Parts

    Other Equipment Manufacturers

    In addition to Caterpillar, John Deere, and Bobcat, EquipXR also offers aftermarket parts for track loaders from other leading manufacturers, such as Komatsu, Liebherr, CASE, and Volvo Construction. EquipXR’s extensive inventory ensures you can find the right replacement parts for your track loader or compact track loader.

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